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I'd like to thank everyone who has helped make a dream of mine come true.  For some time now, I have thought about how great it would be to have a website where people could actually see some of the art I'm creating.  With love and gratitude, I am humbled and honored by the commitment people have given me to make this website a reality.  Thanks to my loving husband, Tom, for being there for me.  To our daughter and talented Interior Designer, Lynn Kelley, thank you for helping me create and design this fantastic website; knowing that possibilities are right around the corner.  Thank you to our daughters, Melissa Kelley and Jessica Lowery for believing in my ability to create something from a blank sheet of paper or canvas.   Thank you to my brother and artist, who has inspired me endlessly and encouraged my love of art and its creation.  To our friend, Eten Wine representative, marketeer and entrepreneur, D.J. Kiernan, for doing such a great job at editing my site, I thank you.  Thanks to Stephen Conaboy for his belief and unending care; and Chris DeSanti for his words of wisdom and knowing.  Thank you to Sam Garwood for his bright light and inspiration.  A special thanks for the love and support of my family and friends who continue to believe in who I am.   


Dreams do come true.  I have  more paintings and drawings to post to this website when time permits.




by Jan Kelley

Edited by D.J.Kiernan


by Jan Kelley

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