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Artist: Jan Kelley

Paintings & Drawings


             Jan has been creating some form of art as far back as she remembers. Her greatest influence artistically speaking was her brother, Geary Jones, who was also an artist. Jan watched him create his own art each day as she aspired to be like him.  Jan continued to create art and won the 1st gifted award for her work in the 10th grade.  Through  courses, reading, practice, observation and discovery, Jan continues to grow as an artist and form her own technique.  While attending college many people including professors thought she should pursue art, however Jan majored in Education due to her love for children.  Today, Jan continues to explore art and where it will lead her.  

             Jan feels blessed to be able to continue to grow in her love of creating art.

             Most people know what they want to draw, paint or create when they put brush or pen to the surface.  This is also true of Jan when she uses that which comes in contact with her life.  Her love of people and nature have  a great influence on her art.


At times, Jan  creates a piece of "Free Form" art.  To do this  she starts with a blank canvas; never knowing where she will go with it. As Jan draws a line or image she finds herself lost in excitement. She says, “It’s an amazing feeling knowing that I get to choose the colors, textures, line and depth that will be used to create my art.”


              Jan’s "Free Form" art work has been compared to that of Marc Chagall. Both Jan and Chagall love color and aren’t afraid to take chances or explore the possibilities of what line and color can create.


           Jan has also been told that her works of art are conversational pieces. At first glance you see one thing, then you look again and you may be surprised to see something else. Jan’s work is both simple and complex. She loves detail and where it can take her and the viewer.


            Twice now, while creating Ink drawings on a plane; Jan was asked to create a website for her artwork to be seen and sold.  



by Jan Kelley

Edited by D.J.Kiernan



    by Jan Kelley

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