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Tel: 843-425-8122



If you would like to buy one or more paintings and/or Ink drawings  just  fill in the information box below.  In the message area let me know the name of the painting/s  and or drawings you'd like to purchase.   If the painting/s or drawing/s are still available, I 'll  send you an  email ASAP with the purchase price,  shipping/handling and any taxes that may apply.   If the painting/s or drawing/s  are no longer available due to prior purchases, etc.,  I'll  send  you a message letting you know.  When I receive a confirmation that you acknowledge the price, I will send you an invoice for the item/s you would like to purchase.



  If you are representing a gallery, please fill in the information box  below.  I'll get back with you  ASAP.


Thank  you for visiting my site,  I look forward to hearing from you.







by Jan Kelley

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by Jan Kelley

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